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Solus Explorer

is one of the most advanced blockchain explorers available today. It is provided as a service by subscription and includes hosting, deployment and support.
Our explorer supports blockchains based on BTC, PIVX, DASH, and its forks.

Major Features

Fully Resposive

Explorer pages perfectly diplayed on mobile devices, tablets and desktops. Content adjusted to the different layouts.

Customized colors

Provide us with the logo or a brand book and we will adjust the style set to match the coin brand colors. You are always welcome to provide your style set if you prefer.

Explorer as a Service

There is no need to bother with hosting, setup, and maintenance: a subscription covers everything. Technical support is provided by the developers, you can expect fast and precise answers to your questions.

Reward Type Detection

Block loader supports detection and marking of the different reward types:
- PoW reward
- PoS reward
- Masternode reward
- Dev fee

Smart Address Groups

We created a reliable algorithm to identify addresses operated jointly and aggregate them to address groups. This powerful feature brings a new level of transparency to transfers and held amounts.

Multiple Exchange Support

Explorer can collect market information from multiple exchanges. The list of supported exchanges increases all the time.

PIVX ColdStake Support

Explorer supports PIVX ColdStake feature with detection of Staker address and reward type marking.

PIVX Shield Support

Block loader supports zk-SNARK shielded transactions and shows the creation and spending of the shield notes.

Native SegWit Support

We added support for Native Segwit addresses (Bech32). All we need to know to enable this feature are the prefix and the separator used by your chain.

Chain Assets Support

We added support for in-chain assets based on the Ravencoin model. Asset transactions are displayed in the same way as regular transactions.

DML Support

Explorer supports masternode coins with implemented Deterministic Masternode Lists feature (DIP2/DIP3).

OP_RETURN Messages Support

Optionally we can enable displaying the messages included in transactions as OP_RETURN data.

Blockchain Statistics

Blockchain statistics about block size, transaction rate, address count, movements, and a lot of other metrics are available on one page.

Advanced API

Explorer has a functional and well-documented API. Wherever it is possible, we kept the plain-text output format for legacy systems integration.

API Rate Limiter

API has a rate limiter with support for request bursts. Rate limiter parameters can be adjusted and, if required, specific IP addresses can be added to the bypass list.

Solus Explorer Screenshots

Our Pricing Options

Select the subscription plan that better satisfies your needs.

Each subscription plan has the following options included:

  • Color scheme adjustment
  • Registration as subdomain
  • Registration as Customer's subdomain
  • Installation of free or own SSL certificate for the Customer's subdomain name
  • HTTPS enforcement
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Currently we accept payments in BTC, LTC, ETH and USDT.

Lite Plan


Per Year

  • 20% extension discount
  • Shared high-power VPS
  • 64 inbound connections
  • IPv4 reachability
  • Standard support
  • 14 Days trial period

Pro Plan


Per Year

  • 25% extension discount
  • Dedicated high-power VPS
  • 256 inbound connections
  • IPv4 and IPv6 reachability
  • Priority support
  • 21 Day trial period

How To Order?

Select Supscription Plan

Select the subscription plan that is most appropriate for your project. Take into account the current and future size of the blockchain database, and think about the potential load on the explorer web interface and its API.
Please consider selecting a Pro plan when your blockchain development requires frequent wallet updates.

Reach To Us

Reach to us via any of the listed communication channels. Share your requirements and expectations, and let us know about any unique feature your project has. Provide us a link to the source code, coin specifications, brand book, logo and favicon, social links, and list of exchanges/market pairs to integrate.

Verify The Instance

We will deploy a trial instance of explorer and provide you a link. Use this trial period to verify the functionality of the explorer and let us know if anything should be adjusted.
We are eager to deliver the best possible service.


Decide whether you would like to go with a subscription or maybe Solus Explorer is not what you need. We respect your decision.
If you decide to subscribe to our services before the end of the trial period, the remaining trial time will be added to the subscription period.

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